What Is Subspace? A Beginners Guide to Exploring this Altered State of Consciousness.

Subspace is a state of consciousness that can be reached throughout kink play, scenes and practice. It’s the belief and feeling that you are somewhere else, that you are someone else. The idea that we are able to leave our physical body to explore other places within ourselves. Subspace is one of the most profound experiences submissives can have, even if only for a short period. Let’s explore more of what it is and how you can go about experiencing it yourself!

What are altered states of consciousness?

Altered states of consciousness are those experiences that bring about a distinct shift in thought, mood, feelings, or emotion. In the field of psychotherapy, these altered states are carefully manipulated in order to elicit positive change. They are also used by people who engage in spiritual practices as a way of connecting with a deeper part of themselves. While there is little research done into the effects of these states on the human brain, there is evidence that each state has a different set of effects on the brain. Altered states of consciousness can be induced through certain drugs, intense emotional experiences, and through certain types of meditation. They are also common in dreams, which is another beautiful way of getting a break from the outside world. There are many different types of altered states of consciousness, and the common themes between them are:

  • A feeling of being disconnected from one’s physical body

  • The experience of being somewhere different than one’s current location

  • A feeling of being in another, more complete, sense of self.

Why is Subspace Important during sessions?

Not everyone has achieved or experienced subspace, but I always plan my sessions to aim for it. There is nothing I love more about my sessions than helping someone achieve this in themselves. It's important I feel, as it allows you to explore with the intention of expanding your mind and connecting with your true self. It's an amazing experience that can be used to heighten your awareness and create a space where you can meet yourself on a deeper level. It is a great way to allow yourself to unwind and de-stress and more importantly, it's a safe space, sometimes inducing a very much-needed cathartic release.

How to Experience Subspace

  1. Close your eyes initially. This will help you to imagine that you are looking at yourself from the outside in, observing, and experiencing.

  2. Allow your breathing to slow down and become more intentional. This breathing will help you to become more in tune with your body and your mind.

  3. Let yourself go, hand yourself and your trust over to your partner and allow yourself to feel and be safe. (make sure boundaries, consent & safe words are clear prior to engaging)

  4. Feel and experience all of the sensations that are taking place. The sounds around you, from music to your own heavy breathing, the things you feel happening to you, and the things you see, such as the room lighting or your partner.

  5. Feel the arousal, the pain, whatever your session entails just let it in as well as the emotions that begin to consume you.

  6. You will know when you are in subspace when you begin to feel as though you are in a trance, as if it was drug-induced, you're all floaty, disconnected from everything as you know it and you will feel incredible.

How to come back from Subspace and "Subdrop"

Subspace is intense and you can't just snap out of it. This is why aftercare is important. Aftercare is time or attention that is given to your partner after an intense session or sexual experience.

I personally experience an altered state of consciousness during sex and after an intense orgasm. The number of partners I have had who look at me strangely, think I'm weird, asking if I'm ok or what is wrong is unbelievable!

Subspace is amazing and we love it but subdrop is very real and should be taken into consideration. Subdrop is the "come down" from a subspace experience that could last minutes or even days. Everyone is different and not one person will experience both subspace and subdrop the same. When experiencing subdrop you may feel guilt or shame, be extremely tired, depressed or if you're like me you'll just cry for several minutes and think "where the hell did that come from".

You should be provided with aftercare if in a professional session or with a trusted partner. This can be reflection time with Tea or a cuddle and reassurance as demonstrated by me and my sub 508 above. There are many forms of aftercare and you should preplan and decide what may work best for you. I would avoid immediately driving and doing anything too exertive.

Look after yourself and give yourself all of the comforts you would if you were sad, feeling vulnerable, or ill. Have the chocolate, watch the movie, and sit with yourself for a while. Try to keep a reflective journal while exploring subspace. This journal could be used to write down any ideas or insights that you come across while exploring and to keep note of everything you felt or experienced during and after. It's normal to feel overwhelmed and over-stimulated but it will pass.


Subspace is a state of consciousness that allows us to experience and meet deeper parts of ourselves. Make sure you're playing with partners you trust and who will accommodate the appropriate aftercare as required. Be prepared for the comedown and anything that comes with it, know that this too shall pass and how you are feeling in these moments is completely normal and valid. Try keeping a journal while exploring subspace and any kink or play, they are always handy to recognize patterns, mentally offload, and are great tools for self-reflection.

Do you have any experiences or stories to share in relation to Subspace? Please feel free to leave your feedback or comments below, I would love to read them.