Taking the fear out of Urethral (Penis) Sounding

What is Urethral Sounding?

Normally used as a medical procedure, urethral sounding is the insertion of an implement into the urethra for bladder access or dilation purposes. What we call "sounds" are steel or silicone rods like the ones in my photo, which are used for insertion.

Why is it used in kink and BDSM practice?

Because the penis is full of nerves and the play can be quite fear-inducing and risky, urethral sounding is normally involved to heighten sensation, mental state and as an addition to other play. If done correctly and safely it can provide a unique experience for newbies and intensify play for those more experienced.

Why would you want to put something down there?

When I discuss this form of play with others who have not encountered or experienced it, I usually get a screwed-up face response accompanied by squeamish and nauseous sound effects. It isn't for everyone! however, I feel these responses are sometimes a result of fearing the unknown.

Some reasons for justifying why you would do this:

  • The building of trust and intimacy between couples or play partners

  • Trying something new or boredom in the bedroom

  • To achieve and experience the unique sensations that only this form of play can offer

  • To enhance orgasms and sustain stronger erections

  • When inserted deep enough, you can stimulate the prostate as well! (more on that in another post)

Things to be aware of before attempting Urethral Sounding.

  • Urethral sounding should not be painful, it's actually extremely pleasurable for the many who do this on a regular basis.

  • First-timers may experience a small level of discomfort but nothing alarming. If this is the case then try adjusting yourself or adding more lubricant. If it's painful, STOP.

  • You may feel a slight burning sensation when urinating afterwards. This is completely normal.

  • What you don't want to do is use a sound or toy that is too big and ambitious. Get something roughly the size of your urethra entrance.

  • Take your time, never force the sound.

  • It's common sense really but make sure you are familiar with your own anatomy!

  • Make sure you are medically able and fit to perform urethral sounding

First Time and curious? Let's look at how to approach this safely.

  1. Be clean

  2. Invest in a sterile instrument or toy specifically made for this type of play, click HERE to go have a look at some.

  3. Make sure the toy or sound of choice is clean & sterile before use.

  4. Lube, lube and more lube. Use medical grade or silicone/water-based lubricants. AVOID any oils, lubricants containing glycerine, or using your own saliva!

  5. Try breathing exercises to relax your body and mind

Inserting your first sounding rod or toy.

  1. For best results make sure the penis is semi-erect!

  2. Hold the penis at a 90-degree angle and make sure the shaft/urethra is straight. You can pull or stretch it slightly for easier insertion.

  3. Lubricate the rod and tip of the penis with a safe lubricant as stated above. You can also use a small sterile syringe to insert some into the penis.

  4. Open the urethra with one hand and begin slowly inserting the sound with the other. In my experience, you will get around an inch in and then gravity will do its work. If this is the case just let it fall in at its own pace. If it stops you can try moving slightly or more relaxation techniques.

  5. Try to only go the length of your penis at the beginning. There are more depths you can go to and more advanced play but this can be tried at a later date when you are comfortable and more experienced.

  6. By now you should be feeling that "oh" moment, where you realise your fears are starting to fade, it's nothing like what you thought it would be and you're enjoying the overwhelm of strange sensations that are taking place.

  7. If you leave the sound in place, you can successfully begin to stimulate and masturbate.

  8. I would highly advise slowly removing the rod or toy before ejaculation as this can create complications and something we call Retrograde Ejaculation (again, more on that later)

  9. After you're finished, make sure to urinate afterward to avoid any chance of infections such as UTI's

FAQ's on sounding.

Is it safe to do this?

YES! As long as you do it properly!

Will the rod get stuck?

This is possible. IF this happens then you can try to relax and use more lubricant to get it out. Being tense and in a panic will only make it worse as the muscles won't want to give it back. You can try a warm bath or gently squeeze and manipulate the muscles to get it out. Failing this you may need medical attention.

You should be paying attention enough to prevent this but it can happen.

When should I not do this?

If you have any urethral trauma or prostate conditions I would strongly advise staying away from Urethral Sounding. STI's and UTI's are another reason not to carry this out, wait until you are treated and have the all-clear.

Can I damage my Penis?

If you use items or sounds that are too big and are not smooth you may cause some internal trauma and tissue damage. You can also heighten the risk of UTI's if you don't urinate afterward or practice this safely.

Will my urethra/hole go back to normal?

Yes, if you use suitably sized sounds and this is an occasional activity. If you are regularly carrying out sounding and are using larger-sized sounds and toys, the urethra will gradually become wider and can remain that way if overstretched.

Why am I scared?

It's completely natural to be intimidated or concerned when you encounter urethral sounding. Even after reading, researching, and attempting to watch it done via porn sites, you may still feel the same. It just might not be the thing for you, different strokes for different folks right? If you are keen to get rid of that fear and try sounding, It is most likely just mental blocks you are experiencing and may need to work on.

Trying sounding on your own can also be scary! I would advise having someone who knows what they are doing to help you with it first. It's like injections, we let nurses do these but if it came to giving yourself a jab in the arm, you would be a lot more intimidated and fearful. Sometimes you just can't bring your hand to do it and that's ok. That's why people like myself exist.